About Randy Doucette

I have been collecting and using knives as far back as I can remember. Over the years I have collected a wide variety of handmade and production knives. I am a self-taught knife maker with a background in machining and Tool and Die. I started making knives after work and on weekends in the basement of my first home. I was very satisfied with the first knife I made and it gave me the passion to continue to refine my skills and designs.

I am enthusiastic and overwhelmed with creative ideas to produce the most unique and original knives, which has led me to a career as a full-time knife maker. All my knives are handmade with 100% thought going into my design, materials used, cutting performance and balance. I am always working on new designs and will have new photos on a regular basis. My future plans are to learn the art of engraving and add my own unique designs to some of my knives.

Please visit my site regularly for new photos and designs, or feel free to contact me.


I have used different tool and stainless steels and have found S30V; heat-treated to Rc 58-60 to be the best compromise for corrosion resistance, edge holding and toughness. This is the process I would recommend, but will use what the customer requests, including Damascus on special orders. When choosing handle materials, I hand pick the finest woods, bones and horns I can find and design the most appropriate handle for the knife. Any request will be considered.

For ordering information please contact me using the form on the contact page.